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Tibor Udvari. Creative Technologist

Tibor Udvari is a creative technologist based in Lausanne, Switzerland. He is currently pursuing an MA in Media Design at HEAD Geneva, graduating in the fall of 2024. Previously, Tibor was the head of the technology center at ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne, where he used his expertise to support innovative projects that used new and emerging technologies.

His work often involves creating interactive applications in partnership with other designers and artists. This interdisciplinary approach led to his participation in international exhibitions, such as the World Fair in Milano, and prestigious awards like the Most Beautiful Swiss Books from the Swiss Federal Office of Culture.


This website is a work in progress. I am currently integrating new content and design, so make sure to check back later for updates on new and old projects.


​2024 Forget Me – A Pen Plotter Project About Erasing Lines
​2023 Cheerio AI – Your personal AI cheerleader
​2023 Snap Bowl – Reflective Camera Traps for Pets


2024-06-03 An Imperfect Guide for Mixed Reality Workshops with p5.js
2024-05-31 Raspberry Pi Zero Video Looper with Square Screen
2024-04-16 Oculus Web Launch Bookmarklet
2024-03-13 Lowering the Floor for Spatial Computing
2024-02-28 Connect Meta Quest to Eduroam