Tibor Udvari

Oculus Web Launch Bookmarklet

I want a convenient way to send links from your desktop browser to the Meta Quest Oculus Browser. Initially, I couldn’t find a better solution than sending links to myself via WhatsApp and then opening them on the headset. This process could be improved.

Luckily, there is a better way for Meta Quest headsets, called the Web Launch feature. This feature lets you directly open or bookmark a link on your Quest. To use it, you must be logged in to your Oculus account on both devices, and the links need to be https.

While Meta suggests a unique button for every app, a generic send-to-headset button for any website would be better. A bookmarklet is an ideal use case for this feature. For those unfamiliar, bookmarklets are like bookmarks that allow JavaScript execution on the current page instead of redirecting to another page. They’re like lightweight browser extensions.

Drag this button into your bookmarks bar to use it.

Send to Headset

Here is the code that it contains, passed through Bookmarklet Maker.

function sendLinkToQuest (linkUrl) {
  let sendToQuestUrl = new URL("https://oculus.com/open_url/");
  sendToQuestUrl.searchParams.set("url", linkUrl);
  if (window.location.protocol !== "https:"){
    alert("Must be an https page");
  window.open(sendToQuestUrl, "_blank");